As a working mother, you are presented with challenges that very few other people ever have to deal with. The combined pressures of work and childrearing are not to be ignored because they will eventually take their toll on even the most hardened woman. If you don’t give yourself a night off every now and then, you will probably end up regretting it sooner rather than later.

The good news is that you don’t need to give yourself many nights off, just enough to recharge your batteries once in a while and allow you to really get down to business when you come back from the experience. They don’t even need to occur every week provided that you do the night off properly.

The first thing that you need to do in terms of the night off is make sure that it actually is a night off. You don’t want to be interrupted by either your family or your work during the night off because then it stops being a night off.

To that end, getting out of the house is definitely a good idea if it is possible. Find some of your girlfriends (maybe even other working mothers) and go out for a night on the town. Visit a few bars, maybe catch a movie and make sure that you are having enough fun that you don’t spend the entire evening thinking about your family or your work.

If that solution is not possible and you absolutely need to stay at home for your night off, make sure that you are not bothered at all. You should have your spouse or a babysitter in charge of taking care of the children and you should just kick back with a good book, a funny television show or even just go to sleep a bit early and get a few extra hours of sleep in. Anything that helps you relax and remove some of the cobwebs from your mind is something that would function well as a night off. Just be sure that if you stay at home, you are not interrupted by anyone during your night off.