One of the easiest ways for a person to identify with another person is if they share something in common. When it comes to parenting for example, working moms tend to get along with each other easier because that point of commonality is right there for them to appreciate.

However, relationships between working moms are more than just idle relationships. You as a working mom should try to meet as many other working moms as possible. This is true for a number of different reasons.

The first of those reasons has to do with the play date. A play date occurs when different children with different parents are brought together. The children play with each other and the parents get a bit of a break from having to constantly supervise their children back at the house. If you as a working mom know other working moms, not only do play dates become possible in the first place, but they also become easily doable because you have other moms that run on schedules similar to yours.

This is not the only advantage of knowing other working moms however, as you can trade favors back and forth depending on what the situation happens to be. If one mom has a particularly good daycare service at their work, knowing her might allow your child to get placed in that daycare service during the day. Do you have some knowledge about early child care that you’d like to share with single moms with babies? Well, simply return the favor when you get the chance!

In many ways, having a friendship with another working mom is almost like having another parent around to help take care of the child. Even if you and/or your partner feel that things are under control at home with your children, it never hurts to cultivate new friendships. At the very least, you will have gained a new friend through the process and it is also quite possible that you might end up with a great line of support that you can call upon during especially tough times.