Most often people that become single parents or start out as single parents feel pessimism about their position. This pessimism is not altogether unwarranted as there are indeed a number of challenges that single parents face that normal families do not have to deal with.

That having been said however, there are also some good points to being a single parent, some of which you may take advantage of all the time without ever realizing what it is that you are actually doing. In a spirit of optimism, here are some things that you might find when you look on the bright side of being a single parent.

The first good point of being a single parent is that you get to make all of the decisions regarding the upbringing of your children. One of the main sources of friction within a marriage after children have been born has to do with how the children are eventually raised. School, relationships and the future are areas that parents in families often clash on, but single parents do not have this to deal with. Instead, they can follow their hearts and make whatever decisions they think are best for their kids without having to worry about appeasing another partner in the relationship.

Another good point to being a single parent is that you get to focus entirely on your child when it comes to your family. Many parents often feel the need to make up for time lost during the baby years of their children and end up spending a lot of time with each other away from their children when they are partway through primary school. If you are a single parent however, you don’t have to worry about that and can look forward to all of the wonderful milestones that you will get in your child’s life.

This article might come across as a little light and indeed that was the purpose of its creation. It is not an article that is meant to make light of the single parent challenges that will always be faced, but rather to let potentially panicky single parents know that there is another side to being one.