You will quickly find out that after becoming pregnant that there are a lot of choices to be made. Foods to eat or not eat, how much exercise to get and even the best way to sleep are all things that you have to decide. Perhaps the most important choices you will make will have to do with who takes care of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, and where you choose to deliver your baby. While this is a completely personal decision, there are some tips to make it easier to narrow down your options.

Choosing a Health Care Provider

There are three primary types of health care providers who can assist you throughout your pregnancy:


An obstetrician is a medical doctor who has chosen to specialize in pregnancy, labor and birth, and they are also experts on any subject to do with the health of the reproductive system in women and surgical after care. An obstetrician is an excellent choice if you foresee a difficult pregnancy, or have any underlying medical conditions. Most obstetric-handled deliveries are conducted in hospitals.

Family Doctor

A family physician completes their medical training in a host of fields including obstetrics and paediatrics. If you are comfortable with your current family physician and have a relationship with them then you will likely feel more comfortable with having your current doctor handle your pregnancy, if they are able to and if you continue to have a low-risk pregnancy. Family doctors deliver babies mostly in hospitals; although there are still some who do house calls.


Long before there were hospitals it was the midwife who handled deliveries. Today’s midwifes are highly trained in all aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery. Many midwives also have nursing degrees, although this is not a requirement. A midwife is a great choice if you would like to avoid medical intervention as much as possible, and prefer a more hands-on approach to your pregnancy. Midwives can assist you with your deliver at home, in a birthing center or a hospital if needed.

Choosing A Birthing Location

Deciding where you want to deliver you baby is also an important choice, although you have more time to think about it than with choosing a health practitioner. There are three basic types of birthing locations:


Women who choose a family doctor or obstetrician as their health care provider will likely also delivery their child in a hospital. Also, if there is any likelihood of a difficult labor or health issues with mother or baby then a hospital is the best place to be. However, keep in mind that hospitals also are more restricted as to what you can and cannot do during labor, and it is a less comfortable environment than home or a birthing center. Most hospitals offer orientation tours for pregnant mothers to come and check out the facilities and discuss the guidelines for labor and delivery.

Birthing Center

Women who choose to have a midwife as their primary caregiver and are considered in a low risk category, a birthing center may be a great choice for you to complete your pregnancy. These places are often set up in or around hospitals and offer a relaxing place for your baby to be born. They also offer more freedom when it comes to deliveries, and this is a great place for alternative birth options. Talk to your midwife about whether a birthing center is the right choice for you.For

Home Birth

Having a baby at home is an excellent option, and one that many mothers would love to experience themselves. Of course, with the extra freedom of having your baby at home comes extra responsibility. Important choices will have to be made about what will happen in case of a complication, and you and your midwife will need to work closely together to ensure that everything goes as planned. A home birth is a great idea for mothers who want a natural experience with their family close by.

While at first these choices may seem overwhelming, by sorting out exactly what you want as soon as possible you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. When it is time everything will be in place to ensure that you have a smooth transition to becoming a new mother.