Fortunately for couples nowadays there are many forms of contraceptive methods that can simply be bought from the local pharmacy over the counter and don’t require a prescription. The best and safest of these is the ovulation calendar.  These are a great alternative for those that don’t want to take any type of prescriptive birth control hormone type pills. And what’s best about the ovulation calendar is that there are websites that offer interactive ones for free.

What it will probably come down to is choosing which is best suited for your lifestyle. Also the decision has to be made whether or which partner is going to be the one to instill the method of birth control. For the male there is always the alternative of the condom and for the female there are a few more choices including the ovulation calendar.

Most likely the best way to determine what type of birth control that you want to use would be to take a look at the choices that are available and then jointly choose that which is decided to be the best and most convenient for the both of you.

For the males wanting to take the lead for the birth control then condoms are easily purchased and easy to carry around for when nature calls. It should be remembered that these are made from latex rubber or can even be polyurethane or some type of animal membrane. This is something that if the male is not used to using them, he can discuss with his pharmacist (or friends) which particular brand and type is potentially the best for him.

For the females there are the female condoms and these are just simply a pouch type apparatus that has flexible rings for proper fitting and what their job is, is to collect sperm before they can enter the body. Some women don’t feel comfortable with these and would rather opt for something more natural such as the ovulation calendar.

If you want to take a look at the sponge some individuals feel more comfortable with this because of the material that it is made from which polyurethane foam. The foam contains a spermicide which prevents sperm from entering into the cervix. It should be noted though that this has been taken off the market twice because of some potential problems  but it is now sometimes used “after the fact” with some success. It’s for all the potential problems with these unnatural methods that make using the ovulation calendar not only easier but safer as well.

With so many options being available and so readily accessible it makes parental planning much easier. Different couples prefer different methods but still, when considering safety and health and potential side effects, nothing beats the ovulation calendar. The ovulation calendar is the most natural form of contraception there is.