One of the greatest things that we as human beings have is a social cohesion that allows us to build great civilizations and conquer great turmoil. In the case of a single parent raising a child, social cohesion is a very important thing to have.

Specifically, the focus group model is very well applied to single parents because focus groups allow for a sharing of detailed information that you might not get from other places. When you are part of a focus group, you can not only share all of the problems that you are having with your children in a safe environment, but you can get many other single parents working for you and trying to come up with a solution to whatever problem you might have at that point in time.

Another important aspect of focus groups for single parents is that they provide emotional support. When a single parent is doing everything for their child and nothing for their own benefit, it is very easy to become both physically and emotionally exhausted. Focus groups can provide the emotional support necessary to alleviate some of that exhaustion and maybe even allow the single parent to make other single parent friends that can then be used to pool kids together in order to get some time off.

Even if you don’t like going to focus groups, you should make a definite effort to get out there and find other single parents that you can become friends with. Even just having two or three other single parents with which to discuss issues could be very beneficial, especially considering the fact that single parents are giving you solutions based on what has worked for them in their own varied experience.

So the next time you decide you have some free time to attend some social events, try to make meeting other single parents a priority. It might seem like an unnecessary hassle at first, but when you see what you can get out of that give and take, you might start to change your mind in a hurry. At the very least, you have nothing to lose.