The mother’s world can be a stressful one. Stress is a dangerous thing for anyone’s health. One easy way to alleviate stress is by exercising. Exercising not only helps eliminate stress, it helps with anxiety and improves the mood in general. The fitness level is improved with exercise as well as self-esteem. Sleep is better, energy is increased and many other health benefits are the result of regular exercising. The hectic day of the mother is much easier to handle when she feels stronger, invigorated and more focused from exercising.

Mother’s are some of the busiest people on the planet. When the children are home for ‘summer vacation’, there is no vacationing for mother. During this time when exercising is most important, it can be the hardest to fit into the busy schedule. One thing that every mother can do is to combine the activities of the family with exercise. The trick is for mother to maneuver more physical fitness into the activities of her family.

For instance, bike riding as a family is an excellent way to exercise as part of the family outing. If your children are small, look for a bicycle with baby seats. Even simpler is taking a walk with the family. This could be walking round the festival in town, the zoo or even a museum. A shopping trip or a walk through the park will do the trick.

For the older children, try jogging together or if they are very young you can get a jogging stroller. If your children are into ridding scooters or rollerblading, mother can keep up with them by jogging along side.

Playing sports with the children in the back yard is a lot of good exercise for everyone and is fun too. Games like basketball, badminton and volleyball are easy and fun. Then for the really hot days of summer, running through the cool sprinkler is always a lot of fun and good exercise. Children love to play tag, take turns jumping into an inflatable pool and throwing water balloons.

While the children are enjoying the back yard, mother can be mowing or gardening or weeding. All these activities are great exercise and still serve a two-fold purpose. Who knows, you may even be able to get your children interested in helping with the backyard chores. For instance, washing the car can be a fun water game. Whatever you do with your children, the more fun you make it for them, the more the family will exercise, including mother.