Studies have been done by experts that state that as high as one-hundred and fifty-seven percent more women are prone to developing cancer who are stay-at-home moms than those who work at outside jobs. The theory here is that satisfaction in life and happiness is directly related to physical health and well being.

Why does this happen to the stay-at-home mother? Is it because she is exposed to more hazardous chemicals from using cleaning products or cooking items? Well, if this were the case, there would be a significant increase of illness in those who work as housekeepers, or on hospital crews, or workers in schools and restaurants where strong chemical cleansers are used on a regular basis.

Could it be a lack of responsibility or boredom that causes illness in the homemaker? Hardly, as the stay-at-home mom has endless errands to run, carpools, housework, meals and usually volunteers for school events. That is certainly not an ingredient of boredom.

If the increased illness was a matter of a lack of fresh air or sunlight for the stay-at-home mother, she still has multiple errands to run that keep her outdoors. If this were the case, then the dental hygienist, the lawyer, the grocery store clerk would all be suffering from the effects of a lack of fresh air and sunlight.

The list of possibilities is endless but the fact is that the stay-at-home mom works extremely hard caring for her family with little to no credit for this. Her stress level is just as high as the working mom. Her job is generally perceived as less important and viewed as an easy way to escape real work merely because there is no monetary compensation for the job that she does in the home.

What does all this mean to the mother’s health? The end result is a feeling of being powerless and this leads to a slide into depression. When self-esteem is chipped away the body feels the effects of this and is damaged by the negative feelings this brings. Self worth is an important factor to anyone’s overall health. Damaging the image of self, will eventually do damage to the body itself. Ever hear that old saying, “You are what you eat”? Well, you are what you think too!

Don’t ever forget that your contribution to society is far more important than others might acknowledge especially in these “modern” times. The child is the future of society and you are the primary person in charge of transferring social attributes like honesty etc. that make our society a better place for all to live.

Our future is in the hands of the mother. Don’t ever let anyone let you think that bringing up a child to be an ethical and contributing member of society is less important than holding a nine to five job!