What exactly is ovulation? Every month, an ovary releases an egg, which is mature and with that release, some women could experience a slight pain or discomfort and there might be some bleeding from the vagina, although very little. The eggs are stored in the ovaries, but they are then immature and the maturing takes place with two hormones. For normal ovulation to occur, these hormones must have the right amounts during the monthly cycle. This is where an ovulation calendar comes in handy in determining when this is at its peak. Fertility is an important aspect of every couple’s life. It can be a devastating if the couple is facing infertility issues and they are hoping to start a family.

There are ovulation calendars sold to determine when you are ovulating, but better still you can get a ovulation calendar free online. Then there are ovulation kits that you can buy and use at home, based on your urine, no matter how long your menstrual cycle is. The results of the test will be helpful in determining when you are at your peak to get pregnant, or not to have intercourse, if you prefer not to get pregnant. These kits predict when you will ovulate, before it takes place in your body.

You will need to use the test for about five days in the middle of your cycle, around the eleventh day after your period. The increase in hormones will be detected at that time. There will be a definite change in the color in the test, when the hormone levels increase to a certain point in the urine.

The days when you will be the most fertile, would be when the hormone levels are at their peak and during the following two days. If you want to get pregnant, then this is the time to have intercourse, or to abstain if you prefer not to be pregnant. It is a very simple test, as all you do is place the test stick in your flow of urine and then wait for the results to take place. These test sticks are not very expensive either.

You will need an ovulation calendar to keep track of your monthly period, either to prevent pregnancy or to see when it is the best time to get pregnant. You should chart your ovulation, using a ovulation calendar and record the dates of your periods. Mark the first day of your period as day one. In the next month, you will do the same, put the first day on the calendar, then count the days in between those dates and you will find out by using this method, the length of the cycle.

You can purchase a ovulation calendar or get one free online to keep track of all the information needed. It is similar to an organizer and all you do is enter when your period was and how long it lasted. This device will then tell you when to abstain from intercourse if an unwanted pregnancy is to be deterred, or when the best time is to get pregnant.