When you are experiencing depression, you have little or no energy to get help for yourself. So many people think that if you just make up your mind to get over it, or start to think good thoughts, then the depression will go away but this just is not so. This is often the case with postpartum depression. The hormones are raging at this time putting the entire body out of balance.

Get a friend who will stay with you and give you encouragement, as this will definitely be a benefit to you, but many times you will need some help from a professional who is well versed at hormone therapy. Both of these will work together to help the new mom over this difficult time in her life.

There are so many different types of depression, so they will need all kinds of various types of therapy. All of them include a change in moods, or mood swings, apathy when they will have no interest in things or people. Thoughts of suicide, insomnia, a lower interest in sex, and having very little appetite and they can even have a tendency to self-mutilate themselves. There are many names for these types of depression: psychotic depression, manic depression, bi-polar depression etc.. In the case of new moms though it is usually postpartum depression and comes from all the recent stresses put upon the mother.

There are so many groups who will help, as they are or have been experiencing the same type of depression and it helps to talk to someone who has been through the same thing. You may be surprised to learn just how many moms suffer from postpartum depression and once the homones are put into place again the depression leaves.

Postpartum depression is nothing to makes less of but sometimes something as simple as getting outside on a nice sunny day, will boost your mood. Above all else, take care of yourself.

When there is a physical problem, mostly with the hormone balance in your body, then you need some hormone therapy. Hormones are active in every cell of the body, in small amounts, but none the less of great importance. In a woman, there are hormones produced from the ovaries. These will work to keep her menstrual cycle happening during the years of reproduction. Menopause and puberty are the times when you will notice a definite change in the hormone balance.