Problems with homework can be the result of a child who struggles with their work during school hours. They may have no physical problems that cause homework problems but it may be just an attitude they have developed.  Often there are excuses like, forgetting their homework at school, loses or forgets to turn the homework in once back in school, can’t remember what they have been taught, generally doesn’t live up to their real potential and ends up with a poor report card and still does not want any help.  These are attitude or behavior problems that can be corrected.

Procrastination is a big issue with a lot of children who have problems with their homework.  They become obsessed with playing video games or TV programs.  Some just would rather be playing than doing homework because it is just very hard for them.  Children will respond in a positive way to good motivation to get good grades.  When parents help their struggling child to realize that better grades will mean a more satisfying life for them, they will improve.  However, a power struggle will begin if the parent tries to exert too much pressure to perform better.  Too much pressure will cause the child to make a game of forgetting their homework or not trying to get better grades.  An underachiever is usually the result of the parent interfering too much with the homework.  Let your child do the homework themselves.  This builds self-confidence.

The purpose of homework is to teach your child to work by themselves.   Avoid getting in the middle of ‘their’ homework projects.  If your child is legitimately stuck and asks for your help, of course do what you can but remember not to do the project for them.  They need a little guidance, supplies and some encouragement but most of all they need the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing the project on their own.

Never get into a power struggle with your child.  This will only turn things into a game for them.  Constantly reminding your child about their homework will only result in a rebellion.  Trying to force your child to be productive or to learn will just not work.  Your child will need to find their own way to being responsible for what they learn.  As your child develops in the learning process they will experience more and more self-fulfillment which will encourage them to improve even more, on their own.