Whether you want to get pregnant or you would prefer to know when you are ovulating, to prevent being pregnant, then an ovulation calendar is what you need. This will help you to figure out the time of the month when you would be the most fertile. This of course would be an approximation, not an exact day, but it will definitely help to predict when you should have intercourse when trying to get pregnant or conversely, when not to have sex if trying not to get pregnant.

You would enter the first day of your last menstrual period, then show how many months you would want to see, then calculate from that chart how long your cycle would be. The ovulation calendar works best when a woman has an average of a 28 day cycle. If you are not so regular with your period, then there is a basal temperature guide to help you to figure out your ovulation time, recording your temperature, so that when your body is the warmest, to keep the egg in a nice warm environment, then the following day will be your ovulation day.

Did you know that by getting an ovulation calendar and keeping track of all the ovulation information needed, that the calendar could help to predict the gender of your baby for you? Some say this is an almost 100% guarantee that you will conceive the gender of a child which you would like to give birth to. If you have intercourse about 3 days prior to ovulation, then you are most likely to have a girl, and if you have sex closer to the time of ovulation, then you are more than likely to give birth to a boy. This is one reasons why the ovulation calendar is a must for every couple to have.

If your preference is not to get pregnant, or it isn’t the right time, or year, then the ovulation calendar will be a benefit to you for tracking ovulation, as many women would prefer not to use any hormone method of birth control or any other devices either. This is a very good way to detect when you are the most vulnerable, when your egg is passing through, waiting to get fertilized. The egg will live for 24 hours, then will just go away. That is the day when you will not want to have intercourse, or if you do, you must use some form of protection.

The calendar will predict the ovulating day, using a color-coded system, showing you the days of the month when you are most likely to be fertile You don’t have to know all the technical names for your cycle, as the calendar does all this for you. All you have to do is enter your period dates, and the calendar will track your ovulation for you. That seems very simple and it is, so get yours as soon as possible.