Breastfeeding your baby can be the most fulfilling thing a mother can do for and with her child. The emotional benefits become so important to the mother as well as to the baby. It also provides nutrition to the baby, which cannot be duplicated any other way. The health factor, from receiving mother’s milk, is a very important element in the baby’s growth. And you never have to worry about the formula when breastfeeding because as the child grows, the milk changes to meet the needs of the growing baby.

The milk will look watery at first and then change to a more creamy consistency and the milk will have more fat content. If you find that your milk has slowed, feed the baby more often for a day or two and the milk will increase in volume. During the first number of days, the baby will need to eat every two to three hours, but don’t worry, as your baby grows, the time between the feedings will be longer.

For many mothers, breastfeeding is a very natural thing to do, but for others, it can be a scary task but just realize that and one of the best ways to do that is make sure you’re comfortable.  Make sure that you have a comfortable chair, with good support for your back and possibly arms so you can cradle your baby while feeding. You may need to use some pillows while breastfeeding to get your baby at the right height.

Babies are amazing, because as you bring his/her head toward your nipple, their automatic response is to open their mouth. Put their little mouth over your entire nipple, including the darker area known as the areola. Your baby will know enough to start feeding and you will notice that the top of their ear will move when they are drinking. Allow your baby to feed as long as they want, as they will know when they have had enough. After having some from one breast, then burp the baby, then move them to the other breast. They may have had enough on the first one. If so, next time they need feeding, start them on the second breast. You might experience some cracking and soreness in your breasts and this is quite normal; it can be a bit painful at first.

You might want to store some of your breast milk for the future and always store it in a sterilized bottle, date the bottle so you know how long you have had it. You can store it in a chest freezer for up to six months, but in the top of your refrigerator freezer, only for two weeks. Always be careful with the milk that has been warmed, whether it is breast milk or formula. It should be used within an hour of time and not reheated at all. All in all breastfeeding is a bond between Mother and child that cannot be duplicated.