Raising multiples can be a very rewarding experience, but at the same time there are pitfalls along the way. Some of them might be ones that you don’t even think about. After all, how can something as joyous as a birthday be a pitfall? That kind of thinking can easily land you in trouble however, so avoid it and start planning right now for the birthdays that your multiples are going to have.

The first thing that you need to decide is whether or not you want to celebrate the birthday of all of your children on the same day. Whether you have twins, triplets, quads or even more, you will find that birthday celebrations will be more than one on the same day. Some parents get around this by celebrating the birthdays on different days (i.e. on Saturday and Sunday for twins), but some choose to celebrate them together. As your multiples grow and become more capable of making their own decisions, ultimately it is their input that should determine what you do. Some of them will want separate days of celebration while others would be horrified at the thought of their other part(s) being forced to have their party on a day that is not their birthday.

Another thing that you should consider is the issue of cake. Many parents would be tempted to try and get some value for their multiples by only getting one cake, but in some cases the wishes of the children will make this impossible.

Regardless of whether you actually buy one cake total or one cake per child, one thing that you should definitely do is make sure that you sing happy birthday individually for each of the children in your gang of multiples. Doing so will make them all feel special and not doing so might create feelings of resentment that are very easily avoided.

Even if you have one cake per child however, birthdays celebrated together do give you the chance to have one party and save some money in the process. It is one of the few areas where having multiples is cheaper than having single children, so enjoy it whenever it does come around.