What Will A Pregnancy Massage Do For Me?

Pregnancy massages, also known as pre-natal massages, can help to not only increase the circulation of blood through the body, they can also release important endorphins that help to regulate mood and can give you the feeling of happiness. The massage can ease some of the pain you might be feeling in your muscles and back, relieve some tension, and even may assist in limiting the swelling of your joints.

What Will A Postpartum Massage Do For Me?

Finding time for a postpartum massage can do wonders for your mood, by releasing those endorphins and limiting the affects of postpartum depression. The postpartum massage can help to promote healing of areas stretched during pregnancy, as well as scars from cesarean sections. In addition to these benefits, having a postpartum massage can help to promote realignment of the spine and hips after childbirth.

Is My Spouse Qualified To Give Pregnancy Massages?

It is recommended that only certified professionals with a background and training in pregnancy massages conduct them. Unlike other forms of massage, the pre-natal massage is extremely catered to the pregnant woman and requires a knowledge of the techniques. In addition, the pregnancy massage expert will probably have a special table or padding for you to lie on.

However, you and your partner can always invest in material to learn the techniques from home. A pregnancy massage from your partner will only lead to a greater connection between the two of you and your baby during pregnancy. There are many books and videos on the subject. Of course, it’s always best to consult your doctor first.

What Concerns Should I Have Regarding The Pregnancy Massage?

If you have had a history of pre-term labor, have suffered any type of severe headaches or swelling, it is recommended that you avoid the pregnancy massage.

Is It Safe To Have A Pregnancy Massage At Any Point During My Pregnancy?

Most statistics will show that is it safe to have a pre-natal massage at anytime during your pregnancy, however, you should always consult your doctor. Many massage therapists will not offer pregnancy massages during the first trimester, during which time it is not uncommon for miscarriage to occur.

How Do I Find A Qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist?

Finding the right massage therapist is a decision that must be met through your physician. Consult your doctor for local pregnancy massage therapists in your area, and who he/she would recommend. When searching for a therapist, make sure to investigate their background and history. They must hold a certificate proving they have been trained specifically in pregnancy massage and have some history of satisfied customers.

In every situation regarding your pregnancy, consult your doctor before making any decisions. Getting a pregnancy massage is yet another alternative treatment that is natural and effective.