Irregular Menstrual Cycle

How Does a Woman Know if Her Cycle Is Irregular?

There is not much worry if a woman’s menstrual cycle is occasionally irregular. There are some signs to watch for that may be cause by a problem if the cycle happens more often than every 21 days, or less than every 35 days. In addition, if periods are missed, you may be pregnant if you are sexually active, or that may be a sign that your cycle is irregular. Any questions should be directed to a health professional.

Should a Woman Be Concerned If Her Cycles Are Irregular?

If the menstrual cycle is continually irregular, it may be an indication that there is irregular ovulation or no ovulation going on in the woman’s body. Again, if the irregularity continues, discuss with a medical professional.

Can a Woman Use 'My Calendar' If Her Cycle Is Irregular?

Using “My Calendar” will probably not be very useful to a woman with irregular cycles. The program is designed for women who have consistent menstrual cycles. If a woman consistently has irregular cycles, use of “My Calendar” could give inaccurate information about fertility. It is not recommended that a woman use “My Calendar” unless she has fairly consistent cycles.

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