Use the calendar to achieve pregnancy

  1. Ovulation Calendar

    The best chance for you to achieve your wanted pregnancy is to take time to enter correct menstrual cycle information. Please see the page Editing Menstrual Cycle Data for more details on this.

  2. You will be asked what you want to achieve. Choose the option "Pregnancy" in I want to achieve Options area.

If you want to conceive a baby of a specific gender (a boy or a girl), you can choose the options Pregnancy (Boy) or Pregnancy (Girl) in I want to achieve list. Please note that choosing the baby gender is only avaliable in Precise Calendar method.

Reading the calendar

Ovulation Calendar

Easy to Follow Colors!

  • Your non-fertile days are shown in white.
  • Days of menstruation flow are shown in red.
  • Your fertile days are shown in green.
  • Your most fertile day is the day of ovulation. That is displayed in light green and the date is in italics.
  • The hearts indicate your best days for conceiving a baby of your desired gender.
  • The red "X" symbol says that you should abstain from intercourse on these days if your goal is to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • The dates marked with a gold star have your personal diary entries. Click these dates to review your entries.
  • Today's date is marked with a bold number in the calendar area.
  • The date you have selected (to review or add to your diary, etc) is marked with a blue square around the day number.

Ovulation Calendar

Read also Getting pregnant and Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancy for more information


Keeping the calendar accurate

To ensure that the calendar is correct, you need to keep your menstrual cycle information up to date. Your Days ovulation calendar will alert you when this information becomes outdated. To update it, click the link update days in Options area. See Keeping the Calendar Accurate for more details.


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