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In Your Days' free ovulation calendar you can choose between two ovulation calendar methods, the Precise and/or Fixed Days method. Both of them are very workable methods but the Precise calendar takes into account more parameters and offers you more detailed information. However if you don't know all of the information that is required to use the Precise calendar you can choose the Fixed Days calendar. It is faster and requires less information from you. 



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Precise Calendar method

This method takes into account the length of your luteal phase and gives you the option to note which gender you are hoping your baby will have. This calendar will give you more detailed information about fertility, and the predicted ovulation day will be marked with light green and italic number.



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Fixed Days calendar method

This method doesn't take into account the length of your luteal phase, and it doesn't give you the option to note which gender you are hoping your baby will have. So if you do not know the exact length of your luteal phase you can choose this method. It does not give you an exact estimated day of ovulation, but it does give you an estimated period of when your ovulation will occur and when you are the most fertile. If you prefer you can choose the average length luteal phase for most women which is 14 days. However remember this is just an average, and many things can affect and change your ovulation from month to month including stress, diet & illness. Nevertheless this calendar will give you a good idea of the days when you are the most fertile. 


Keeping the calendar accurate

To ensure that the calendar is correct, you need to keep your menstrual cycle information up to date. Your Days ovulation calendar will alert you when this information becomes outdated. To update it, click the link Update Days in the Options box of the calendar. See Keeping the Calendar Accurate for more details.

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