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Ovulation Calendar - A Great Support for Both Fertility and Infertility

There are two reasons why a woman is going to want to keep track of her ovulation time. One is because she would like to be able to conceive a child or two she wants to avoid a pregnancy. Either way the ovulation calendar can prove to be valuable for helping the woman keep track of her ovulation. This is something that can become quite confusing when a woman is trying to determine what is her most fertile time for becoming pregnant. (more...)

Making Good Use of the Ovulation Calendar

It's wonderful when you discover that you are expecting a child. Sometimes however it can be somewhat difficult when you become pregnant and it's just not the prime time that you were planning on a family. One of the ways that can help you do better family planning is with the use of an ovulation calendar. For either fertility or infertility needs this is a great help. (more...)

The Important Part the Ovulation Calendar Plays in Fertility/Infertility

Every month, an ovary releases an egg, which is mature and with that release, some women could experience a slight pain or discomfort and there might be some bleeding from the vagina, although very little. The eggs are stored in the ovaries, but they are then immature and the maturing takes place with two hormones. For normal ovulation to occur, these hormones must have the right amounts during the monthly cycle. This is where an ovulation calendar comes in handy in determining when this is at its peak. (more...)

Ovulation and Important Aspects of Fertility/Infertility

Ovulation is a part of the menstrual cycle wherein a mature ovary discharges an egg called an Ovum. When this egg and sperm from the male organ unite, fertilization takes place. The ovulation calendar is designed in such a way, to help women predict when she will be most fertile. Ovulation generally occurs between day 10 and day 19 of the menstrual cycle. (more...)

Understanding Artificial Insemination

Since the 1970’s artificial insemination has been a popular form of fertility treatment for couples trying to conceive. The chances of becoming pregnant using artificial insemination depends a lot on what type of fertility issue is preventing a natural conception. (more...)





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