Use the Calendar to Avoid Pregnancy

How to avoid pregnancyIt's easy to use YourDays' ovulation calendar to avoid unwanted pregnancy. After you have updated your personal menstral cycle information within your acocunt, choose the option "Avoid Pregnancy" in your goals area. See Editing Menstrual Cycle Data for more details.

  1. Choose the option "Avoid Pregnancy" in the I want to achieve Options area.

Using My Ovulation Calendar to Avoid an Unwanted Pregnancy

You can select Precise Calendar or Fixed Days calendar methods. After you complete the steps described above, Your Days ovulation calendar calculates the unsafe days:

Your unsafe (fertile) days are marked with icons denoting a red X. To avoid pregnancy, you will want to avoid having unprotected sexual intercourse during these unsafe/fertile days. The most fertile day is the day of ovulation. Your ovulation day is marked with a light-green color and the date is in italics. See Ovulation and Contraception for more details.

Keeping the calendar accurate

To ensure that the calendar is correct, you need to keep your menstrual cycle information up to date. Your Days ovulation calendar will alert you when this information becomes outdated. To update it, click the link Update Days in Options area. See Keeping the Calendar Accurate for more details.


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