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Over the Counter Contraception and the Ovulation Calendar

When a woman prefers not to go the route of hormonal pills, then there are other devices to use. Two such methods are the cervical cap, made of a small rubber dome and the diaphragm, which is the largest one and should be filled with spermicide and placed over the cervix each time intercourse takes place. Whichever one of the barrier methods you choose, a condom should also be used. A condom is not recommended to be used on its own, but to be combined with one of the other methods. For a more natural method the ovulation calendar tracking can be considered. (more...)

Over the Counter Contraception and the Ovulation Calendar

OTC contraception (over the counter) methods are the easiest options available to prevent unwanted pregnancies. These do not need a doctor’s prescription and can be bought at any pharmacy or store. Some of the following methods can be used to avoid pregnancy. Male & female condoms, the sponge, spermicide, morning after pill and even going to the Internet for a free ovulation calendar are some of them. (more...)

Using the Ovulation Calendar Makes Good Sense

Fortunately for most couples there are many options for over-the-counter contraception methods. One of the individual ones that is becoming the most noted is the one that they call the emergency contraceptive pills and the distinctive factors about these are that they have a dual action at being able to prevent the egg from becoming fertilized. They may even be able to act as a post fertilization. (more...)

Using YourDays to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

The unsafe days are marked with 'stop signs'. To avoid an unwanted pregnancy, abstain from unprotected sexual intercourse during these unsafe days. The most fertile day is the day of ovulation. (more...)





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