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Using the Ovulation Calendar for Your Planned Parenting Needs

Ovulation is the time of the month for a woman when the egg is passing through her system, either to be fertilized, or to pass on through with the blood that is expelled with her monthly menstrual cycle or period. During this time, the body temperature rises, so this is the time when you will be the most fertile, either for you to get pregnant, or to abstain from having sexual relations, if you do not want a pregnancy. This is of course the natural type of contraception. It is best tracked using an ovulation calendar. (more...)

Using the Ovulation Calendar as a Natural Contraceptive

Many couples nowadays are becoming much more aware of parental planning and the various forms of contraceptives. Not only is birth control an issue but it brings it into the realm of safe sex as well. Many women are now opting for natural contraception and one of the best methods for this is by keeping track of ovulation with a ovulation calendar. (more...)

Natural Contraception is Easy With A Ovulation Calendar

The Pill has been on the market for fifty years now, and at times has been quite controversial, with some problems which women have encountered. Because of the huge number of women taking it, this shows that the risks do not stop women from taking the Pill anyway. Many women are now starting to look for a natural contraceptive and this is where the ovulation calendar is a good alternative. (more...)

Natural Contraception By Using the Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation occurs during the menstrual cycle of a female, in all species .This happens between the ages of 12 to 45 (ages could vary) in humans. During this process the mature follicles that are released by the ovaries, rupture. These discharge an ovum or egg. This egg participates in the reproduction process. In human females it happens around the 14th day of a twenty –eight day cycle. This is the time the female is most fertile and when having sexual intercourse during this time, it will usually lead to a pregnancy. In case you do not want a pregnancy to occur, you should consider an Over The Counter contraceptive device or the natural method i.e. using an ovulation calendar. (more...)

Using the Ovulation Calendar for Fertility/Infertility Needs

Whether you want to get pregnant or you would prefer to know when you are ovulating, to prevent being pregnant, then an ovulation calendar is what you need. This will help you to figure out the time of the month when you would be the most fertile. This of course would be an approximation, not an exact day, but it will definitely help to predict when you should have intercourse when trying to get pregnant or conversely, when not to have sex if trying not to get pregnant. (more...)





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